An alien!1

An artists conception of an alien.

Pink alien 1

Another ailen. This one happens to be talking

Aliens are mythical creatures outside Earth. Aliens sometimes have big heads and eyes like orbs. Aliens were used in the famous novel War of the Worlds. Also, they can be micro-organisms from a different planet. Aliens could be anything from a brainless bacteria to a giant brained being. There is no scientific proof that aliens exist, especially some creature making flying orbs. The closest thing to aliens that may have been proved to exist, is some single cell bacteria that may have been found on Mars.


  • Many people claim they were abducted by aliens. These people could be fakers. Some are obviously because they say they got "taken apart" by aliens. Scientist still are looking for Aliens. Also, some famous sites of "Alien sightings" are Area 51, Roswell, and Alaska.
  • Many people also think they see UFO's either as bright lights in the sky or something else.
  • UFO's are possibly the most discussed unexplained creature ever.